SA:T – Summary of Recommendations

Summary of Recommendations

This report is organised around the following themes which were identified during the audit.

  • improve pavement surfaces
  • remove unnecessary fixed obstacles (signage poles, redundant phone box etc)
  • better management of movable clutter (A boards, bins etc)
  • introduce a proper cycle parking plan to meet demand (on street where possible)
  • effective enforcement – for example, cushioning of scaffolding, management of waste bins and parking controls.
  • install dropped kerbs and tactile paving consistently and properly
  • ensure that pedestrians can cross the street easily at signalled crossings (especially at Tollcross)

Street overviews

Home Street (East side)

This side of Home Street is narrower than the West side, and the chief issues identified are street clutter from both fixed items (especially signage poles) and from A-Boards outside shops. The condition of the pavement surface is also poor in several places.

Home Street (West side)

The pavement to the West is wider than the East side, and the southern section (to Lochrin Place) is relatively free of clutter. However, the next section (Lochrin Place to Thornybauk) is exceptionally cluttered with fixed signage poles, phone boxes, cycle parking, exacerbated by scaffolding, A-boards and waste bins at the Lochrin Place junction.

Lochrin Place

The main issues affecting Lochrin Place are incorrect or absent dropped kerbs at the Lochrin Autos garage and, along the north side of the street, poor quality of the pavement (especially concrete sections) and the proliferation of parking-related signage poles.


The Tollcross junction itself is the junction of five major roads and is a major obstacle for pedestrians to cross (see Appendix). In the longer term, a major re-think of the traffic systems which affect this junction is required. In contrast, the junction at the south end of Home Street (with Tarvit Street) is very easy for pedestrians to cross, and this should be maintained when the cycle works are implemented. We acknowledge that the introduction of 20 mph limits should have a positive impact on the pedestrian experience of traffic throughout the area.

At several places along both Home Street and Lochrin Place, the pavement surface is in poor condition. This results in trip hazards and difficulties for elderly and disabled people. Examples of this are in Home Street (East) outside Greggs, the Kings Pantry and Omega Travel (Figure 1) and on Lochrin Place (North side). As part of the cycle way project, defective footways should be repaired or replaced to an adequate standard.