SA:T – Effective enforcement

fig10One pole – the first encountered by a pedestrian walking north along Home Street – is entirely unprotected and represented a significant hazard to all pedestrians and especially anyone with a visual impairment (Figure 10). This was reported for urgent attention to the council’s CLARENCE reporting system (and has since been removed).

Home Street is part of the Council’s Greenways (bus priority) network and as such, parking and loading would be expected to be well-enforced. However, our observations suggested that the loading bays on Home Street East were being used for short stay parking. Double parking was also observed at the east end of Lochrin Place (Figure 11) – most likely this practice is encouraged by the presence of skips. scaffolding etc. Red light jumping was in evidence especially at the major Tollcross junction. In the combined three hours of our audit, we did not observe any parking or traffic enforcement activity taking place. fig11fig9