SA:T – Appendix: observed timings at signalled crossings

Appendix: observed timings at signalled crossings

1) Sample journey times

James Morrow to Omnicare (crossing Home St)

To cross Home St from James Morrow to Omnicare will take at least one minute as it includes a 53 second wait half way across. Pedestrians may also have to wait up to 83 seconds for the green man before starting to cross the road. Crossing Home St could take 136 seconds (2 ¼ minutes).

Forest Café to Omnicare (crossing Brougham St and Home St)

It may take 84 seconds of waiting before there is a green man to cross Brougham St. If we allow 10 seconds to cross Brougham St (up to 94 secs all together) plus the 136 seconds to cross Home St, this adds up to 230 seconds, or 3.8 minutes.

Sainsbury’s to Forest Café (via Bank of Scotland)

Crossing from Sainsbury’s (across Lothian Road) to Bank of Scotland could involve a 97 second wait for the green man. Then, assuming you are fit enough to cross both halves of the road without stopping half way across the split crossing in the 26 seconds allocated, that makes 123 seconds.

Crossing from the Bank of Scotland to the Forest Café (across Lauriston Place) could take another 94 second wait before crossing. The lights are at least timed so that both halves of the Lauriston Place junction can be crossed consecutively, and there is 9 seconds to cross the first half, and 49 seconds to cross the second half.

To get from Sainsbury’s to the Forest Café could involve over 3 minutes of waiting (97+94 = 191 seconds), or twice as long if a slow pedestrian needs to stop at the two half way refuges. This is not including the actual walking time, so again it could take almost 4 minutes to get across the Tollcross junction. A702 King’s Theatre (Home Street/Tarvit Street/Gilmore Place)

2) A702 Kings Theatre Junction

Location Green man time (secs) Max pedestrian wait time (secs) % of time allocated to pedestrians (secs)
All 4 ways 15 90 15/104 (14%)
A702 (Home St) traffic 48    
Tarvit St and Gilmore Place 24    
Across Tarvit St 78 26 78/104 (75%)

3) A702 Tollcross Junction

Timings were taken for each of the pedestrian crossings in a clockwise direction starting from the Omnicare Pharmacy (Home Street west).


Location Green man time (secs) Max pedestrian wait time (secs) % of time allocated to pedestrians (secs)
Omnicare to Sainsbury’s (West Tollcross) 9 92 9/101 (9%)
Sainsbury’s to BoS A700 (Earl Grey Street) 26 (for both stages either side of refuge – 2-stage crossing) 97 26/123 (21%)
BoS to refuge Lauriston Pl 9 (The sequence of lights allows to cross without having to wait on refuge) 94 9/103 (9%)
Refuge to Forest Café

Lauriston Pl

49 53 49/103 (48%)
Forest Café to James Morrow Brougham St 19  84 19/103 (18%)
J Morrow to refuge Home St (A702) 20 83 20/103 (19%)
Refuge to Omnicare 43 (had to wait 53 secs on refuge to cross East to West) 60 43/103 (42%)