SA:T – Recommendations

This table summarise the detailed recommendations to the Council.


Location  Recommendation S/L*
All streets replace broken paving S
All streets repair uneven manhole covers S
All streets reduce and manage A-boards etc S
All streets initiate a fundamental policy review on use of A-boards etc L
All streets enforce parking, traffic and licensing regulations S
Home St E remove or re-site signage poles S
Home St E enforce loading restrictions S
Home St E (Wiliam Hill) unblock drain S
Home St E (Tarvit Street) reduce clutter (guardrails, junction box, signs) S
Home St E (Tarvit Street) retain current level of pedestrian crossing prioritisation (S) S
Home St W (Ime) remove gardrails S
Home St W (Cameo) remove redundant BT box S
Home St W (Hospice of Hope) remove ’dead end sign’ S
Home St W (Thornybauk) install dropped kerb and tactile paving S
Home St W (Thornybauk) review options to narrow crossing L
Home St W /Lochrin Place enforce soft cladding on scaffolding S
Home St W /Lochrin Place re-site/organise waste bins S
Home St W /Lochrin Place re-site cycle parking S
Home St crossing (Wiliam Hill) introduce on-demand pedestrian phase S
Lochrin Place (north) resurface defective paving S
Lochrin Place (north) fix loose cabling S
Lochrin Place (north) fix leaking drainage S
Lochrin Place (south at Lothian Autos) extend footway across the cariageway; remove bollards S
Lochrin Place remove tactile paving where no crossing point S
Lochrin Place, 20/19 West Tollcross install dropped kerb/tactile paving on southern footway S
Tollcross junction carry out strategic review L
Tollcross junction increase diagonal ‘green man’ crossing times L
Tollcross junction re-lay dopped kerbs S


* S= Short-term, L = Long-term