LSE objection to St Andrew Square redetermination order RSO/15/27

RSO/15/27 St Andrew Sq

I am writing with regard to the above redetermination order for increased paving / reduced carriageway on the south side of St Andrew Sq.

Living Streets Scotland / Living Streets Edinburgh Group objects because we believe the proposal are inadequate. We believe the additional area being designated is very modest given the importance of the street and level of pedestrian footfall. Furthermore, we believe that this proposal has not been properly considered in relation to full use of the Edinburgh Street Design Guidance (and certainly not the spirit of which it is intended). We believe that limited reconstruction of this nature could either preclude a more ambitious scheme or result in a waste of money if the new paving is replaced, when a proper design exercise is eventually taken forward. As much of this road has been out of commission for over a year there are opportunities to reclaim more road space for pedestrians inline with the councils active travel vision.

We urge the council not to pass this order until a full assessment has been made of the use of the space and wider design considerations, including traffic and crossings

I am happy to discuss these concerns and would potentially withdraw this objection if it can be demonstrated that there is vision for this part of the square.

Thank you for considering this submission.

Stuart Hay

Director Living Streets Scotland


Hatched areas to be converted to pavement
Hatched areas to be converted to pavement