Policies of City of Edinburgh Council promoting car free/car-light developments

1) Edinburgh Local Development Plan 2014

“Lower provision [of car parking] will be pursued, subject to…

…the accessibility of the site to public transport stops on routes well served by public transport and to shops, schools and centres of employment by foot, cycle and public transport…

…whether the characteristics of the proposed use are such that car ownership and use by potential occupiers will be low, such as…’car free’ or ‘reduced car’ housing developments”

(TRa 2 p 112)



2) Edinburgh Local Transport Strategy 2014

“Through the development control process, the council will encourage the development of car-free housing, or housing with an emphasis on low car ownership and high membership of city car clubs”

(Park 26)



3) Edinburgh Design Guidance (Draft) 2017

“Clearly if an area is well connected to amenities which are accessible by foot, bicycle or public transport. the need for car parking will be lower than in less accessible areas” (2.4, p50)

“Potentially zero provision [of car parking] will be justifiable in highly accessible and dense locations such as the city centre” (2.4, p55)