New Bus stops that do not meet Council Design Standards

There should be at least a 1 meter gap at the edge of the bus stops.

Lindsay Road at Annfiled.  The maximum gap is 0.68 meters in front of the shelter, 0.9 meters behind.


Lindsay Road at Citadel / Tiso’s.  Maximum gap is 0.65 meters.  The cobbles cannot be considered part of the pavement.



Crewe Road North outside Selex.  Maximum gap from the road edge to the edge of the shelter – 0.94 meters


Roseburn Terrace West Bound on the bridge over the water of Leith – maximum gap 0.97 meters



Along a “flat panel” side of a bus stop, there should be a clear 1.4 meter gap to allow pavement users to pass

Stevenson Drive westbound near Stenhouse Cross.  Minimum gap along the back of the bus shelter is 90cm.


London Road Eastbound (opposite McDonalds.  If you include the bumpy kerb stone, the maximum usable with is 1.05m.  You can see by the mud path that the pavement is just not wide enough at this point.



Buccleuch Street South Bound – the pathway behind the shelter is 1.1 meters wide – it should be 1.4 meters.


Portobello High Street near Kings Road.


Portobello High Street near Bridge Street.


Easter Road (opposite Tesco’s)