21/02941/PPP Gogar Link Road/Active Travel Route

Comments offering observations and suggestions.

The supporting planning statement indicates that the proposal “will also serve to improve active travel links within the wider area.” Within the boundary of the scheme, this does not appear to be the case. The link will however improve active travel links to HSG19 and HSG 20. The most direct active travel routes for the existing communities East of Maybury road will continue to be via Maybury junction on Glasgow Road which is dangerous and exposed to air pollution.

Living Streets ask the Council if there is an opportunity to work with the West Craigs developers to see if there is scope or feasibility for junction and crossing improvements of active travel links South and East of Edinburgh Gateway station.

There is also a concern that the proposals will encourage motorised users to use the link as an opportunity to avoid busier junctions such as the various other road approaches onto Gogar Roundabout.

We also ask if there is an opportunity to re-design the route layout to ensure a more direct route to the rail crossing to HSG19 and HSG20 and Myreton Drive. The current design indicates that the route is made unnecessarily longer for those wishing to walk or cycle to IBG.

We support the proposal’s inclusion of segregating cyclist and pedestrian users