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Formal objection to TRO/18/64 Picardy Place

Dear City of Edinburgh Council

Living Streets Edinburgh is the local group of Living Streets, the national charity for everyday walking. We aim to promote walking as a safe, enjoyable and easy way of getting around Edinburgh.

We wish to make a formal objection to TRO/18/64 Picardy Place

Prohibited turn from York Place in to Broughton Street – we understand this is to allow a pedestrian crossing phase at the top of Broughton Street.  This will be dangerous given the number of vehicles seen elsewhere in the city that ignore such bans.  A prime example is the banned left turn from Leith Street to Waterloo Place.  As seen with the 20mph limit the police do not have capacity to enforce. This is also against CEC policies allowing “x” type crossings of junctions.

The TRO should contain an absolute ban on pavement parking.  This can be included in the TRO as per current legislation.  See recent developments by Aberdeen Council.  The pavement area outside Tesco’s / Hertz is of primary concern.

Area in front of St Marys Cathedral – there should be no exception to this area becoming a pedestrian zone.  Any vehicle requiring to park should do so on Little King Street.  If the council is minded to continue with the exception, it  should be more detailed.  “vehicles in actual use in connection with weddings or funeral undertakings” could apply to any vehicle taking part in any wedding on any day.

Cathedral Lane should be stopped up given how narrow the road and pavement is.  The pavement (at 80cm) does not meet the councils absolute minimum of 1.5m.

Cathedral Lane is currently one way east to west, which means traffic will be queuing in the general pedestrian area.  If the one way system is switched as we believe it will, the vehicle entrance will be in the middle of an advanced stop line.


Living Streets Edinburgh